Quinta da Escudeira organizes regularly hikes, boat and canoeing trips, on Saturdays. Keep an eye on our programme!


Paths of the Order of St. James – 24th of January 2015

Wind mills at Serra do Louro – 21st of March 2015

Alcube – 25th of April 2015

Outeiros de AlRascah – 23rd of May 2015

 Ribeiro Cavalo beach – Caves (canoeing) – 11th of July 2015 (see photos)

Looking at the Sky – 19th of September 2015

Marmitas de Gigante – Terras do Risco – sunday, 25th of October 2015 (see photos)

Serra de S. Luís– 5th of December 2015 (see photos)

Shepherds’ paths – 23rd of January 2016

Serra do Louro –  20th of February 2016 (see photos)

Outeiros de AlRascah – 5th of March2 016

Hiking in Arrábida and Arrábida’s convent tour –  9th of April 2016