Casa de Campo – Cottage

On a craggy slope of rare beauty, it is a unique place of refuge for a weekend with nature or for a lengthier stay to enjoy the area’s potential to the utmost. READ MORE

Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Escudeira

In 1750, the Reverend Francisco Fernandes Coelho ordered the Chapel to be built in the exact same spot where Nossa Senhora da Escudeira was worshipped, using the contributions made by her devotees. READ MORE

Festas da Escudeira

The festival in honour of Nossa Senhora da Escudeira, which dates from time immemorial, was established and organised in around 1750, when the Chapel was built. This popular pilgrimage has been identified as the oldest in the municipality of Palmela and is the only one to preserve its original characteristics, mixing the godly with the ungodly, in the form of traditional dances and games. READ MORE


The surrounding areas of Quinta da Escudeira are available for outdoor activities, wine-tasting sessions, and birthday parties, among other events. READ MORE