January 17, 2017geral@quintadaescudeira.pt

Casa de Campo – Cottage

In a jagged hillside of rare beauty, it is a place of refuge as for only a “weekend getaway”, or for a longer holiday to better enjoy the full potential of the area. READ MORE

Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Escudeira

In 1750, the Reverend D. Francisco Fernandes Coelho ordered the construction of the chapel at the precise location where the ancestral worship to Nossa Senhora da Escudeira was celebrated, thanks to the contributions of her devotees. READ MORE

Festas da Escudeira – Festivities

The festivities in honor of Nossa Senhora da Escudeira, dating from immemorial times, had their establishment and organization at around 1750, the chapel’s construction date. This popular pilgrimage is identified as the oldest in Palmela and the only to preserve its initial characteristics of religious and profane natures combined, with the performance of typical dances and traditional games. READ MORE


Quinta da Escudeira offers its surrounding space for company meetings, outdoor activities, wine tastings, birthday parties, among other events. READ MORE

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